Monday, February 8, 2010

Where I am...

This past November I handed in my thesis and now awaiting a defence date. I started graduate studies in September 2004 on a part-time basis. Since then it seems like I put my life on hold. For almost six years my life has been about deciphering articles and books on indigenous people, hydro development, research methodologies colonization/decolonization, and about Ininewak (Cree people).

I admit I have not strived for a balanced life. I have spent many nights drinking pints, litres of wine, gin doubles while discussing a perfect world with fellow students with a pack of menthol cigarettes. Although I paid for a gym membership, the cardio machines rarely met my feet. During the past 5 years I gained 50 lbs. So that is 10 lbs a year. Since I handed in my thesis I am 15 lbs lighter and I feel great.

Since the summer of 2009 I quit smoking and my boozy nights are seldom and far in-between. I love a nice glass of wine with warm cuddles with my partner of two years as we strive to live a balanced and healthy life together. I hope to blog on a regular basis and share a bit to those who inspire me.