Saturday, January 29, 2011


There it is.
42 lb loss since November 2009.

Goal 232 by March 4, 2010

Goal - under 200 November 2011?

Time to be accountable.


Sunday, January 2, 2011

Up 2 lbs

I am still on my journey to achieve a balanced lifestyle. The past two weeks I only been to the gym twice and I am starting to feel it in my body and mind. The other night over mimosas, movie theatre popcorn (finally went to see Life as We Know It) and a few episodes of Grey’s Anatomy, I felt like rubbish. I knew a brisk walk or jog would make me feel better. The gym was closed and there was a -30 degree Celsius wind-chill so I decided to make it to the gym today. My 20 minute brisk recumbent bike ride and a 20 minute brisk elliptical hike/jog/walk felt wonderful. I did some weight training and that included time on the leg press (level 12?), back row (95 lbs) and chest press (level 4). My body felt so much better. Even though I know working out makes me feel wonderful, I admit to being a workout slacker (especially through this past December).

Eating wise, I did not do too badly. I watched my meal portions, but I did snack – chips, popcorn, pie, xmas dinner leftovers at inappropriate times, like when watching Grey’s at 11:00 pm! Although, my weight loss effort has dwindled a tad, I am back on the saddle.

I am not brave enough to state my current weight at this moment in time, but let’s just say that I am between a size 18 and a 20. I tried on an old pair of size 16 pants from Reitman’s and 16 months ago they could not be done up. Last night I could button and zip them up but had a slight muffin top. I think if I can drop 10 pounds in the next eight weeks or so, the pants may fit like they should.