Friday, May 14, 2010

Not a very good blogger :(

My brown bag lunch challenge Results

March 22 – Eggs and rye toast @ home

March 23 – Thesis defense day – Steel cut oatmeal, milk with sprinkling of brown sugar

March 24 – East India Company – Co-worker took me out to celebrate my successful thesis defense.

March 25 – Soup and sandwich @ home

March 26 – Office celebration lunch (office took care of the tab)


March 29 – Bagel with lox and cream cheese

March 30 – Bagel with lox and boiled eggs x2

March 31 – Flew into Gillam – Brought leftovers Mexican inspired beans and rice wrap (again)

April 1 - Went to grocery store in Gillam for lunch. Bought Campbell’s soup, sandwich and apple

Long Weekend

April 6 – Annie’s Organic Pasta and Cheese

April 7 – Polo Park Mall – Thai Fried Rice

April 8 – Boiled egg sandwich and leftover homemade curried roasted butternut squash soup with yam

April 9 – Canned Primo chicken noodle soup and toast