Thursday, June 10, 2010

Too much Salt

I was reading an article in the Globe and Mail online this morning about how restaurant chain Boston Pizza is cutting salt from a few of its dishes. I was pretty shocked to see how much sodium is in restaurant food. There have been a few times this past spring my partner Michael, his uncle, his girlfriend and I would meet up at Boston Pizza for drinks and pizza. As I attempt to live a healthy lifestyle and eat food that is closest to its original form, the sodium content in a Rustic Italian (individual size) is 3,670 milligrams down from 3,860 mg. This is crazy! According to health professionals adults should only be consuming 1,500 mg as directed by Health Canada. Excessive sodium intake can increase peoples blood pressure and may lead to further complications further down the road. Since I am not a health professional I rely on the internet for information to make conscious decisions.

As mentioned here when I first started to document my journey to make healthy decisions, I stated I needed to shed some weight. Since November 2009 I have lost 24lbs and regained some muscle. I feel a lot stronger physically and mentally. The past seven months there have been more efforts not to eat junk and I feel that I am back in control of some aspects of my life. In my initial post I shared that I was a graduate student in Native Studies. I passed my defense and I graduated last week with my Masters of Arts.

My goals for the this summer is to lose 15lbs and to stay away from restaurant food. Today Michael and I got our first CSA box from the Wiens Farm and plus we get other organic food delivered to us once a week. I will keep you updated with the tasty meals over the next few weeks.