Saturday, August 14, 2010

Back on track

I remember back when I first started graduate school. I was 24 and probably the best shape in my life. Although I was overweight working out was a priority. I would graciously enjoy step and body pump classes. I could endure 40 minutes on an old school stepper. I considered myself strong and fit. I worked my way through grad school and I was so busy, I could not keep up. I started to socialize a lot more. Socializing involved a lot of beer, wine, gin, cigarettes, and dinners out. My friends and I would discuss political theories, solutions, movies, music, and social change. It was fantastic – until I my clothes got tight.

Since 2005, being unfit, unhealthy and overindulgent has been the story of my life. This past week as I was shuffling through my wardrobe I discovered a shirt that I have not worn in 2.5 years. I tried it on and OMG it fit. My rolls were not bulging out of my shirt and it flattered my beginnings of a defined waistline. My re-commitment to live a healthy life is showing its rewards.

My new goals the following months include:

Fitness Goals

Lose another 15 lbs by end of September
Hot yoga once a week
Gym and weight training 3 times a week

Eating Goals

Continue to make iced coffee to bring to work (in order to save some $$)
Continue to bring breakfast and lunch to work (in order to save some $$)
Limit eating out to once a week

Blog Goals

Start to take pictures of what I eat

Now that things seem to be happening in this area I feel more motivated to continue to treat myself well. I am looking forward to the fall and cooler temps and a more routine schedule. My partner, Michael, will be entering his first year of studies in the Faculty of Education it is very important that we plan more diligently and not let our health deteriorate. Maintaining a balance is important especially when life starts getting busy in the fall.

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